Dll files missing or not found

Many user come across these kind of issues where we see errors on screen that ***.dll files missing or not found. This is a very common issue that can occur on our computers for which you need not to be a technician or a tech greek to resolve such issues. Following simple steps will help […]

Explorer.exe error

Hi guys everyday a lot of user come across this issue where we see an error on the desktop screen .i.e Explorer.exe. This can be resolved by following simple steps, the Explorer.exe error occurs due to some add on programs or malware. To resolve the Explorer.exe error you need to edit the registry. Follow the […]

Windows 10 takes long to shutdown

Hi everyone we have been coming across this issue that windows 10 takes long to shutdown after we have clicked on the shutdown option many people have been reporting the issue that the screen goes off but the lights on the computer are on for long time. The same issue was also reported in windows […]

Gadgets you would like to own

This post presents you a range of different gadgets you would like to own , Yes my friends some utility gadgets are actually awesome to have and so good to use. Nowadays we use a wide range of devices like the tablets, PCs, smart phones etc. and just the device doesn’t only fulfill your complete […]

Intel Processors and their identification

Intel being a company that has been serving customers with a wide range of good quality product which have always met the promises which were made during the launch of the product. Though people around the world have been using Intel product on a wide range basis many people fail to identify the product and […]

Drivers for Windows 10

After the release of the latest operating system Windows 10 by Microsoft, users came across issues reporting the limited functionality of the computers and laptops. People who upgraded with lots of hopes for using the latest OS were left offline after the upgrade was done on their computers. Some users were unable to use their […]

Drivers for HP laptops

People have been facing a lot of difficulty in finding the drivers for their brand new HP notebooks. A lot of times people opt for Free dos notebooks but problem is that company launches a wide range of models for various customer needs but they say that as per specifications the notebooks would only support […]